How to Start business

It is the best ROI plan. Our only moto is low investment and high profit. There are many other services like this but our is unique one. You come know about this when you are using it. You can also start your own business with your own website and logo.

NO need of office, no need of many mobiles and multiple sim cards and no need of separate balances. all you need is one account to login & one single sim ie what you are using now. you can change your sim into all in one recharge sim for all recharges in one balance.

  • Steps to start business

  1. Please fill the distribution application form and send email to us.
  2. Then Log on to
  3. click on Create a free account.
  4. select the commission plan as attached.
  5. Bank details are attached transfer the registration fee in one of the banks.
  6. Again log on to the easytocharge website with your usermane and password.
  7. Go to support tab click on payment updation option then fill the form.
  8. In 10-15 mins your distributor account will be activated.
  9. For mobile recharge balance minimum amount to be recharged is Rs.1000
  10.  Start your recharge business.

No validity for your recharge balance...

For retailer activation fee       : Rs.250 /- commission from 2.5%
For Distribution avtivation fee : Rs. 6000 /- - Commission from 3%
For Re-seller Activation
(with website+ your own brand logo) - Rs.10000/- commission is 3.3%

In distributor you can appoint unlimited retailers and retailers registration fee is entirely yours.and also you set your own commission to retailers.

Reseller can appoint unlimited level one reseller, distributors, retailers and self recharges.

If any quires, Please free to contact us

Start your own recharge business by creating a free account today by login to